A Valentine's Date Online - Embodied Connection

Wednesday, February 14th, 6 PM to 8.00 pm EST

Partner Yoga, Meditation, and Contemplation for Couples with Michael Lee and Lori Bashour

The greatest gift you can give this Valentine's is your presence to each other in body, mind, and spirit!

What you'll get:

  • Supportive partner yoga
  • Mindful touch
  • Meaningful dialog
  • Celebration of the love you share 

What you can expect as a result:

  • deepen acceptance of your partner's unique gifts
  • value your differences
  • feel the impact of listening with empathy
  • be connected more deeply

What People Are Saying:

This was an awesome gift to each other. We had such a great time connecting and continued on when we went out for dinner after the workshop. This is a great way to celebrate. Thank you, Michael and Lori

Jamie and Paul

$57 per COUPLE