Eight Pillars to a Transformed Life

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3 VIDEO PRESENTATIONS BY THE AUTHOR OF Turn Stress Into Bliss, Michael Lee (also Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy)

VIDEO 1 - How to befriend your body and use it to become more aware and accepting

VIDEO 2 - How to discern wise choices in life

VIDEO 3 - How to find your true north, act on it, and create flow in your life


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You will gain valuable insight and ways to transform your stress:

  • Your body can be to be a valuable partner in your transformational quest
  • Uncover how awareness and acceptance go hand in hand and what gets in your way 
  • Harness discernment: Use your body and your mind in making conscious rather than default choices
  • How to maintain a "way of being" and "state of mind" in life that reflects and resonates with your true north and your gifts in life.  
  • How to engage flow in life and spend more time in peace and less in struggle


For me, transformation is personal!

Stepping up to be a better version of myself has always been important to me.  What started in 1984 as a quest to live a more fulfilling life by embracing the yogic path, has turned into a method that has helped thousands of my students and clients confidently transform their lives, and experience more bliss and less stress. 

By engaging the principles and practices drawn from ancient wisdom and modern science that I have learned, I'm here to help you create a life of inspiration and fulfillment. 

I've created this video series out of a deep need to help others rise from the devastating impact of stress on their lives. 

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