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Next Seasonal Webinar - 90 min Practice and Talk

with Michael Lee

Embody Magic and Play - Celebrating the Coming of Summer


Flourish within and without

Tuesday,  May 7th, 2024    6 PM - 7.30 PM EDT


 Sept: Equanimity at the Equinox      Oct: Vibrant Tranquility     Nov: Embodied Gratitude      Dec: Rebirth and Renewal      Feb: Celebrating Love        Mar: Equanimity at the Equinox     May: Magic and Play (Beltane)   June: Summer Solstice (Light) 

 Deepen Your Relationship Retreat Weekend

at Yogaville


at Kripalu


Research from a Harvard study shows that our relationships are a key determinant of our happiness and longevity.


Deepen Your Relationship

Some of the biggest blocks to good relationships include valuing of differences; acceptance of self and each other as human beings with different wants/desires; and the ability to listen deeply for understanding and accept what is "real."

Embodied partner work using yogic and contemplative practices and carefully guided facilitation can make a huge difference in couples' relationships, often bypassing endless hours of negotiation and processing. 

Through yoga and embodied practices, deep listening, and focused dialog, you will

  • Deepen your relationship
  • Learn to connect with Embodied Presence
  • Value and accept differences
  • Strengthen empathy and compassion.

Return home with practices to continue learning and a new look on your relationship.

More Information and Registration

A Personal Message 

 If you can read Chinese (on my name tag), you will see they call me "Grand Pa" in Taiwan which is a great compliment


For me, human flourishing is personal!

Stepping up to all that life offers has always been important to me.  What started in 1984 as a quest to live a more fulfilling life by embracing the yogic path has turned into an approach that has helped thousands of my students and clients confidently transform their lives and experience more contentment, less anxiety, and abundant freedom. And they are highly effective in whatever pursuit they choose as their focus.  By engaging the principles and practices drawn from ancient wisdom and modern science that I have embraced, I'm here to help you create a life of inspiration and fulfillment.  Please join me.


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I have a visceral feeling of how this work has transformed me - a better understanding of my "self" and how all wisdom and answers are within me. 

Ayano Atsumi

Darren Lee Williams

This is life-changing work.  I now know how to authentically live where I stand and thrive.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I believe in the Phoenix Rising Method 200%. I have done many sessions and absolutely love it. 

Jennifer Spofford

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Listen to Michael on the "We Are Here" Podcast with Katie Olsen..

Michael was interviewed recently by Katie with of focus on the importance of the Body as a tool for transformation.  You can listen to the interview HERE and learn more about Michael's work and learning on this topic. 

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