Saturday, September 23- 11am to 12.30 pm EST



Powerful Transitions at the Fall Equinox

A Time for Equanimity

A Body and Mind Experience with MICHAEL LEE



Michael is the creator of the Phoenix Rising Method, one of the world's leading programs in yoga therapy. He has trained thousands of practitioners and teachers and presented at major international events for over 40 years.

Fall is a time of transition, whether you notice it or not.  Why not embrace this change, take charge, and deliberately set yourself up for clarity, contentment, and balanced relationships in the months ahead? Understand "equanimity" and learn practices to support it. 



Your mind might not know the way, but your body has the wisdom to guide you. Why not learn to listen to it - Michael Lee

Yes please! I'd like to join.


  • Practices, exercises, and rituals to establish greater clarity as you turn inward this fall
  • Awareness from your body/mind of what matters at this time of  your life
  • A vision for the future sourced from your inner wisdom
  • Practices to support your vision going forward
  • Inspiration to move in your new direction with clarity and equanimity


  • An experiential workshop
  • A body-mind approach
  • Includes movement, breathing, mindful yoga, and meditation. 
  • Guided inner dialogue, contemplation, introspection, and integration.



Online from 11 am to 12.30 pm EST on Saturday September 23rd

Cost: $37

A recording is available if you can't attend live. 

Support practices, reading, and inspiration will be offered.


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“The changing of seasons impacts our bodies whether we are aware or not.  If we attune and embrace the changes, we live in harmony with the natural order of things.  This generally means less suffering and greater equanimity with peace of mind” - Michael Lee


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