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The Phoenix and The Fire

fire ceremony phoenix rising pryt solstice transformation Dec 12, 2023
Warming winter fire symbol of transformation

In 1986 as I began work as a yoga therapist, I wanted to find a name for the approach I’d developed.  It was all about helping people become the best version of themselves by using their body as the vehicle for awareness and deeper connection as a catalyst for change

I was telling a friend about my own experiences with embodied practices and how a whole new sense of myself had been born after a particular session. From that came the name Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. 

Little did I realize at that time how meaningful that name would become, not only in the lives of those I served but also in my own life. Now in my 7th decade of life, I am continuing the journey.  As a choleric personality type, who can be overwhelming, impulsive, and impatient, I have much to transform to live with greater equanimity, clarity, and compassion. It’s one thing to apologize when my actions are out of line, but it’s another to change and become the person I aspire to be. That’s where the Phoenix comes in. 

The Phoenix is a mythical bird found in various ancient cultures. In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is typically described as a magnificent bird that is reborn or regenerated from its ashes after it dies in a burst of flames. This cycle of death and rebirth is often associated with themes of immortality, renewal, and transformation. The Phoenix is a symbol of resilience and the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. To be truly alive is to be reborn often as we embrace change and opportunities for growth in our life journey. 

It's helpful to symbolize this change in some way to physically reinforce any desired shift. A traditional fire ceremony is a practice conducted in various cultures around the world, mostly for this purpose These ceremonies involve the controlled use of fire for purification, spiritual cleansing, healing, and transformation. I like to keep it simple and focus on learning and acknowledging what’s in the way and letting it go into the flames. 

Where are you in your life right now and what needs to shift? Are you ready to do some clarifying and letting go? How about some community support? Join us on Dec 21st at 6 pm EST for our annual 90-minute online Solstice fire ceremony.  

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