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The Good Life is Built with Good Relationships

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This is a "must-listen" Ted Talk for anyone exploring the "good life" personally, professionally, or both.  This remarkable talk shares details of a 75-year-old study that is still going on.  

Are you ready to give your relationships a boost?   As I read more of Bob Waldinger's work, it seems that some essential elements contribute to good relationships.  Things like connection, curiosity, and validation are crucial.  We used to say we needed some "quality time" with our loved ones, and the length did not matter.  The research now says otherwise.  We must be prepared to commit some real and focused time to our meaningful relationships. 

How about starting with two hours on February 12th?  Invite your significant other to join you, and let me guide you through some short embodied experiences (adaptable to every body) and focused dialog.   It's Valentine's week, and what a great way to start.  

A Valentine's Date Online - Embodied Connection


Feb 12th - Noon to 2 pm EST


The results are simple and stunning.  The good life is built with good relationships.  Those with good relationships live longer and live happier.  It's that simple. 


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