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You Are Already Enlightened

awakening buddhism enlightened illumination meditation transformation Oct 22, 2022

For many years I've been a student of life. I firmly believe that my practice of yoga and the teachings of the Buddha over four decades have made a significant difference in my life.  Or maybe it's an illusion, and I would have ended up right where I am today anyway. 

And yesterday I read an article published in The Lions Roar that I want to share with you.  This article by Guo Gu references the Buddhist practice of "silent illumination" - a process by which we transform and can embody perhaps the enlightenment that has always been there.  When we do so, we become silently illuminated and a beacon of light for others in our world. 

I don't want to say much more.  I'd much rather hear your and others' responses to this concept of silent illumination after you take a look at the article.  Let me say that the practice described in the article is very much in alignment with my teaching and personal practice in recent years, mainly focusing on concentration, unification, and not self in meditation.  

I share this article from The Lions Roar and invite you to subscribe or donate to this publication as their generosity in making material like this freely available is a great gift to many.  Click the title here to read. 

You Are Already Enlightened


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